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Carrier Cache's scalable and secure server helps protect your data from snooping, reduces your server costs, and improves your data efficiency.

Best in the World

Carrier Cache is the only in-memory cache with built-in encryption and cost-saving scalability included.

Affordable Security

Security is mandatory these days.

Running data operations without encryption leaves you vulnerable to data leaks in addition to potential legal liability for professional mishandling of customer data.

Carrier Cache has modern transport encryption built-in and ready to use from day one.

Cost Saving Efficiency

Carrier Cache is the only server capable of directly lowering your hardware and hosting costs.

Carrier Cache stores your data more efficiently than any other server, meaning you don't need to run as many servers to support your customers.

ROI Examples

Save Money with Carrier Cache

How many cache servers do you use today?

What if you only needed 1/2 or 1/3?

Examples of ROI with Carrier Cache reducing your
AWS server count by 2x or 3x

x1e.32xlarge (128 core, 4 TB RAM)
TermYearlyROI 2xROI 3x
1 Year$140,0002,700%5,500%
3 Year$70,0001,300%2,700%

x1.32xlarge (128 core, 2 TB RAM)
TermYearlyROI 2xROI 3x
1 Year$70,0001,300%2,700%
3 Year$35,000600%1,300%

x1.16xlarge (64 core, 1 TB RAM)
TermYearlyROI 2xROI 3x
1 Year$33,000560%1,220%
3 Year$17,000240%580%

r4.16xlarge (64 core, 488 GB)
TermYearlyROI 2xROI 3x
1 Year$22,000340%780%
3 Year$14,000180%460%

r4.8xlarge (32 core, 244 GB)
TermYearlyROI 2xROI 3x
1 Year$10,000100%300%
3 Year$7,00040%180%

p2.16xlarge (64 core, 732 GB)
TermYearlyROI 2xROI 3x
1 Year$80,0001,500%3,100%
3 Year$54,000980%2,060%

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30 day Operational Happiness Guarantee

The world's most space efficient in-memory data storage system

Includes basic 3-Day email support turnaround

Licensed per server — use unlimited cores and memory

Includes built-in configurable transport encryption

Purchase licenses online, no need for webinars or teleconferences

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Security, mandatory

Security In Your Budget

Encryption is mandatory these days. Even phones encrypt data between diffrent chips on the same logic board. If you think your cache architecture can be secure without built-in encryption, you're open to attacks and perhaps even lawsuits for professional malpractice.

Security hubris is a leading cause companies having their data exploited. Tech is so complicated these days, even if you know all possible bad actor scenarios today, will you know them tomorrow? Six months from now? You need encryption built into all your data products today.

Security shouldn't be hazardous to your users though. Carrier Cache includes the fastest encryption possible to keep your data flowing to users under the lowest latency assumptions capable by modern hardware.

Other cache servers force you to implement encryption as wrappers around their servers introducing more latency and more room for configuration mistakes. At this stage in tech evolution, it's an operational liability to run hacky intermediate servers wrapping your data servers for critical services.

Cloud cloud cloud. If your data is colocated in third party hosting environments, you definitely need encryption around all your data connections. Just because you don't think bad actors are trying to sniff your traffic today doesn't mean they won't try tomorrow (or maybe they are doing it right now and you're left unawares).

Enable Carrier Cache transport encryption with three simple configuration options. Instantly activate modern industry standard security without legacy encryption overhead.

Join the professionally responsible tech sphere by enabling encryption on your internal cache infrastructure with Carrier Cache Server.

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at a glance

Smallest Memory Usage

Carrier Cache's data efficiency lets you serve the data you have today with 2x to 3x fewer servers.

High Transport Security

Security is critical to professional data operations. Knowingly running without encryption can leave you open to hackers, espionage, and professional negligence liability.

Rescue Your Budget

Since Carrier Cache uses fewer servers to store your data, you can save money by reducing your server count or just keep your servers and increase your cache load without needing to buy more capacity.

Be Data Responsible

Carrier Cache helps you run a responsibile data operation with built-in transport encryption and best-in-the-world memory efficiency. You can even be environmentally responsible by reducing the number of servers you use, only with Carrier Cache Server.

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